We provide free shipping on all orders across India. For international orders, we try to price spice shipping to just cover our costs. Your shipping cost is completely based on the weight of the products in your order and your geographical distance from India.

As soon as our courier partner picks up your package and enters it into their system, they will send you an email with your tracking number. With this number, you can follow the progress of your order.

Our spices are sold in re-sealable plastic bulk bags and flint-glass jars as per the quantity.

We treat your payment information with absolute security. All purchases are secured by SSL. We are audited quarterly to ensure security compliance and follow all practices defined by our banking system and credit card processors.

It is our goal for our customers to be 100 percent happy with their purchases.
If you feel our product is not up to mark, we will gladly offer you a credit. Our products are considered food products, and as such are not replaceable. If you feel our product is not up to mark, we will gladly offer you a replacement of the product. 

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Airtight Glass jars are the ideal storage container. Air, heat, and light are not good for fresh spices, so an airtight container in a cool, dark place like a cabinet is ideal. You can also store spices in the refrigerator. The worst the place to keep your spices is above the stove because the heat from the oven will destroy the essential oils in the spices.

Whole spices can last several months. We recommend not buying a larger amount of a ground spice than you expect to use within a year. A good, simple test is to smell them. If you don’t get a scent, it’s time to throw them away.

Yes, all the spices and blends we deliver through our store are gluten-free. We carry one product that contains gluten, Asafoetida which come to us pre-packaged so there’s no risk of cross-contamination.

Yes. We do sell our products in wholesale to many restaurants, caterers, bakeries, etc. Fill our contact form to get in touch.

Sure. Spices make great gifts for your customers, donors, partners, or employees. Check our gifts page for details.


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